Recently, I had a conversation with a 40-something about her parents.  

This is not unusual since I am in the Reverse Mortgage lending business.  I am always talking to someone about senior citizens and their issues. She mentioned her folks are currently having challenges, especially regarding downsizing.

Surprisingly, the challenge is not about the general concept of downsizing.  She emphasized her parents’ resistance to deciding what will be kept and what will not.  It is sort of like making a decision as to what you will carry out of a burning house.

The choices are not always easy or logical.

In the case of my friend’s parents, the main object of conflict swarmed around an old player piano.  From my perspective, I cannot for the life of me play a musical instrument. You would think I would hold onto an instrument that plays itself, however for me I would jettison that piece of furniture in a heartbeat.  Not so for the old folks in this story.

The old player piano was a centerpiece of good times for generations in their family.  Children and grandchildren derived much joy from the piano. The piano became one of the core reasons for visiting Mom and Pop.  If you are a grandparent, you understand immediately the value of this piano to the old folks.

To put it in accounting terms, the player piano became a liability rather than an asset.  Posterity has great memories of the piano, however life is full of challenges to young people as well, and consequently, the youngun’s don’t come to visit much anymore, piano or no piano.

I see a parallel between the old player piano and the seniors who want to keep it.  Maybe they too are no longer in tune. No one has time to play the old player piano, anymore.  

Often, the old folks come to the realization they are on their own.

Tough decisions lie ahead. Financial and logistic issues, if proper decisions are not made, may well put old folks in harm’s way.

This world of tough decisions for seniors is my wheelhouse.  I spent more than 40 years, as a CPA, educating and advising my clients on their financial affairs.  

I offer you a free consultation to explore the issues and to strategize solutions to these tough questions.  A Reverse Mortgage may play a role in your future plans.

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Photo by Isaac Ibbott on Unsplash