What do Clients think about Mike Kirkland?

“I am pleased to recommend Mike Kirkland to any senior looking for financing needs. I worked with him to acquire a reverse mortgage. Even though my personal issues concerning my mother’s death and my role as her executrix affected the process, Mike was supportive and professional. I am delighted to recommend Mike to anyone interested in securing a reverse mortgage.”

Becky M.

“Getting a mortgage on your home can sometimes be very stressful, especially if you are applying for a reverse mortgage. FHA loans have more rules and regulations than a conventional loan. I was referred to Mike Kirkland by a Realtor friend. Throughout the process Mike was always there to help me understand everything and to guide me through any problems.

I think I would have given up if it hadn’t been for Mike’s guidance. I highly recommend Mike when you need to get a loan.

Victoria L.

What do Business Partners think about Mike Kirkland?

“I have known Mike Kirkland for more than 35 years. His experience as a C.P.A (retired), a Realtor, and his career in lending, specializing in Reverse Mortgages, makes him invaluable to anyone seeking financial advice, particularly senior citizens.”

Jane Holmquist, Realtor

“I have a recommendation for Mike Kirkland, reverse mortgage expert. I referred a senior friend of mine to Mike to explore the possibility of a reverse mortgage. Due to complex issues, such as the death of her son, permit issues on structures located on the property and a multitude of other problems, it took almost two years to complete. Mike demonstrated emotional agility, resilience, patience of Job and a skill set like I have never seen in any professional dealing with senior citizens. He is steadfast and true, never wavering.”

Rodell Hinshaw, Realtor

“I have known Mike professionally for the past 5 years. Mike is a trusted professional throughout our business network. I have attended his workshops and find his knowledge of the reverse mortgage industry exceptional.”

Nancy Lawrence, Notary Public